Heather Millions

PUBLISHED: 16:51 26 March 2008 | UPDATED: 14:33 25 August 2010

HEATHER Mills may have missed the £125 million she wanted from her estranged ex-Beatle, but you can t deny her graft

HEATHER Mills may have missed the £125 million she wanted from her estranged ex-Beatle, but you can't deny her graft.

Britain's persona non gratis must have had a tough time wrestling for the odd million here, the odd fortune there, in her legal battle with Paul McCartney.

But surprise, surprise, with a pay out of £24.3 million, she hasn't got it as bad as the rest of us. Recruitment agency Adecco worked out that most of us plebs would take over a decade to earn the kind of money that's fallen into Mills' lap.

The former model's payout for being married for four years would take an average MacDonald's worker a staggering 1,771 years to raise!

Yes, that means flipping burgers from the birth of Christ, through the dark ages, to the end of Captain Cook's first voyage.

Not a tempting offer.

Adecco then rather callously calculated that if Mills was 'working' seven and a half hours a day in her marriage, she earned £159,687.50 a month.

Compare this to your average workers' monthly wages and you start to wonder if she really needed all those millions for 'living costs'.

To earn Mill's monthly 'wage', it would take the average teacher five and a half years to notch up the same spending pennies.

An average Fire fighter, earning a respectable £2,155 a month, would take six years, and hard-working nurses on £1,920 a month would take almost seven years!

But then again, we all need our luxuries don't we? When MPs aren't spending £200 on blenders with taxpayers' money, greedy MPs like Derek Conway pay their sons an equivalent of a £25,970 salary for administrative work!

Conway and Mills probably have a few things in common.

After all, Mills seemed to want £125 million for dubious and inconsistent claims, whilst Dezza paid his son for work that Common's watchdogs couldn't even find evidence of!

Maybe Mills could give all her money and houses to charity, and MPs could donate all their allowances to local hospitals and the public could stop hounding the poor lambs.

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