Jimmy killer jailed for life

PUBLISHED: 16:32 27 March 2009 | UPDATED: 16:26 25 August 2010

KILLER: Jake Fahri.

KILLER: Jake Fahri.

A SCHOOL bully who murdered a teenager with a glass dish after being told to get some manners has been jailed for a minimum of 14 years.

A SCHOOL bully who murdered a teenager with a glass dish after being told to get some manners has been jailed for a minimum of 14 years.

Jake Fahri, 19, of Milborough Crescent, Lee, was sentenced to life in prison today (March 27) for going 'berserk' in a bakery and killing Eltham schoolboy Jimmy Mizen.

The 16-year-old victim bled to death in the Three Cooks Bakery, Lee, after Fahri used two hands to throw a glass dish at his neck that shattered, severing an artery.

Outside court, Jimmy's parents Barry and Margaret told reporters that the nation was falling foul of 'anger and selfishness'.

Mr Mizen added: "This country stands apart from other countries. This is a country of civility and a country of fair play, of fairness, a country of safety.

"We are rapidly losing that. We are becoming a country of anger and of selfishness and of fear. It doesn't have to be like this and let's together try and stop it."

Jimmy, a St Thomas More School leaver who had just taken his GCSEs, was killed on the sunny morning of Saturday, May 10 last year.

He had been given the day off from his Saturday job working at the family shoe menders in High Street, Sidcup to celebrate his 16th birthday the day before.

With his 18-year-old brother, Harry, Jimmy bought his first lottery ticket and then went to the bakery where he queued behind Fahri waiting to buy a sausage roll.

Fahri, who had bullied Harry years earlier, became aggressive when he tried and failed to push his way past Jimmy and was told to say 'please'.

Jurors heard Fahri had said to the Sidcup Rugby Club player: "Think you're a big guy? Step outside and I'll show you how big you are."

Bakery worker Lesley Crocker said the youth went 'berserk', challenging the brothers to fight him outside.

They declined and phoned their older brother Tommy for help, but Fahri returned, spoiling for a fight.

After being bundled out of the shop by the brothers, Fahri kicked the glass door in and used a street sign to attack Jimmy before fatally throwing a glass dish at his victim.

Jimmy ran into a back room to hide, bleeding profusely, and died in the arms of Tommy, who arrived seconds too late to stop the attack.

Sentencing, Mr Justice Calvert-Smith said: "A trivial incident over absolutely nothing in a high street bakery ended three minutes later with the death of a blameless young man."

Earlier Crispin Aylett, prosecuting, told the court that Fahri suffered a 'terrible loss of temper'.

He added: "If Jimmy had moved to one side, as the defendant had expected him to, he might be alive today.

"On the other hand, good manners cost nothing and the defendant was being rude."

Fahri had denied the murder charge claiming he was scared and acted in self-defence, and 'panicked' when he threw the dish.

Being led to the cells he called to his crying mother "Don't worry mum, I love you."

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