Lyrics are an insult

PUBLISHED: 16:03 02 October 2008 | UPDATED: 15:26 25 August 2010

UNIMAGINATIVE?: The Kaiser Chiefs.

UNIMAGINATIVE?: The Kaiser Chiefs.

THE Kaiser Chiefs filmed their music video Never Miss A Beat in Thamesmead, apparently criticising the 'youf' of today.

THE Kaiser Chiefs filmed their music video Never Miss A Beat in Thamesmead, apparently criticising the 'youf' of today.

But after listening to the popular Leeds band's anthem-styled droning, you have wonder why they're so quick to get all high and mighty.

The video, filmed on a Thamesmead estate, shows kids running around after police and terrorising residents, to the lyrics "What did you learn at school - I didn't go."

Now it's likely that the Chiefs think that they're, like, really addressing the modern state of society and telling it how it is, yeah?

But this doesn't really ring true when you listen to the pre-school simplicity of the lyrics and unimaginative repetition that would make the Cheeky Girls blush. If they blush.

The line "Never miss a beat," is repeated a spectacular 27 times, often peppered with "never miss a," because that shows they did miss a beat. Literally! How ironic.

Then there's the genius recurrence of "Take a look, take a look, take a look - at the kids on the street," demonstrating how a well-honed singer can really get to the essence of the song with a touch of Hare Krishna.

One wonders if they should take a look at themselves before having the cheek to suggest people on estates are as unimaginative as they are.

Of course, let's not be too harsh, the song obviously doesn't consist of just a single chant, oh no, let's not forget the rhyming.

Yes, like a true wordsmith singer Ricky Wilson uses subtle rhyming couplets with the mark of a New Wave Shakespeare.

His favourite line - you know, the one he sang 27 times ending with 'beat' - is ingeniously coupled with 'street' and... er, 'beat'.

There's also 'livin' with 'kiddin', and 'tea' with 'team'. Beautiful.

Admittedly their video was filmed in one of the poorest areas in the country, but did the Chiefs really have to pen poor lyrics to match?

To be honest, it seems fairly insulting to Thamesmead that the Chiefs think they should associate the area with their music.

At least when Kubrick filmed A Clockwork Orange in Thamesmead he made it memorable.

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