Mouthy voters

PUBLISHED: 16:28 30 April 2008 | UPDATED: 14:42 25 August 2010

THE Mayoral elections may be heating up, but the burger ballot is freakin flame-grilled...

THE Mayoral elections may be heating up, but the burger ballot is freakin' flame-grilled. Since YouGov polls don't really tell us anything useful, Gourmet Burger Kitchen created its own way of working out which candidates are hot and which will go to pot.

They released a burger based on each candidate and asked people to vote with their stomachs.

At the moment Boris Johnson's beef with aged Stilton dressing (think blond mop) is tops with 46 per cent of the mouth-vote.

Ken Livingstone's beef with fresh chilli sauce burger only took 29 per cent, and Brian Paddick's chicken burger (we can only guess what that means) only 15 per cent.

It certainly looks to us like a slippery, nay, greasy operation.

They clearly gave Bozza and Ken the best ingredients so the chain could come over all deep-fry Oracle-like.

Then again poor old Sian Berry never stood a chance with her green credentials - she took 10 per cent of the takers with a veggie-burger.

Maybe selling veggie is a bit like voting green - you know you ought to choose the ethical option but you end up going for something with a bit more meat... only to feel guilty when it is all over.

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