PUBLISHED: 15:34 20 November 2008 | UPDATED: 15:44 25 August 2010

MEMBERS of the BNP are like rats. There s often one no more than a few feet away from us as we walk down the street, sit at our desks, and watch television behind our own front doors.

MEMBERS of the BNP are like rats. There's often one no more than a few feet away from us as we walk down the street, sit at our desks, and watch television behind our own front doors.

This is something we've all known for a long time and learned to take on board like the menace of obesity, child poverty and Osama Bin Laden. The BNP is there, it's got history and as we all knew but didn't care to admit it has now officially revealed as having a frighteningly huge membership totalling thousands across the UK.

Then of course there's the top up groups upon this mass from those followers of the British National Party we've met who haven't registered their support and yet they pipe up with rhetoric espousing racist ideas and views over a pint down the pub or in huddles masked as bonhomie and true Brit banter. But hold on say those of us comfy and secure in the tradition of a moderated political landscape provided by Tories, Labour and Lib Dems, during our lifetime, just look what happened when Hitler and his Nazi thugs tried to rule the world with extremism and malice?

Surely then the BNP will never be allowed to rise up and rule? Haven't we learned by now that nobody wins a war?

The BNP, if we think seriously, must be on a laughable course of destruction because we must believe and hope there's still millions of Brits who know there's more to life than being white skinned, angry and ignorant.

Those revealed as BNP members must look beyond extremism with its sinister overtones that trumpet misplaced policies of identity and national pride.

The BNP is all about hijacking family values which support the middle class ideal and the party use this to bounce into an attack against a country which has been more than involved with the positive aspects of multiculturalism than ever before.

If certain sections of our population feel insecure about this and must seek out violence and blood spilled history to establish an identity for themselves then this is their tragedy.

National pride about Britain's history as an island of warriors has and is recognised but in a new world that must strive to embrace and live with each others' beliefs. Surely the advocacy of all for one and one for all needs removing from our political landscape.

This month the Americans voted in their first black president. Can't the BNP take this as a significant sign the world is moving on and away from any notion of supremacy that's fuelled by the motivations of the dark ages?

Of course we can ask the questions about who is British and what is Britain meant to represent today but the answers shouldn't be laced with anger. This word is one letter short of 'danger'.

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