Trip down the Amazon inspires Bexley couple to come up with boardgame

PUBLISHED: 07:56 20 December 2018

Natalie Podd came up with the idea for the trivia game while travelling in South America with boyfriend Ceri Price. Photo: Natalie Podd

Natalie Podd came up with the idea for the trivia game while travelling in South America with boyfriend Ceri Price. Photo: Natalie Podd


A new board game created by a Bexley woman and her boyfriend could take on the might of Trivial Pursuit.

Natalie Podd came up with the idea for the trivia game while travelling in South America two years ago, and decided to call it CONFIDENT?

She told us: “We were floating down the Amazon when my boyfriend Ceri Price asked me what the population of Brazil was.

“I answered between 100 million and 150 million people. We loved the idea of answering trivia question with a range and right there and then, we came up with the idea for a board game that used the range concept.”

As more and more games are switching to video consoles and computers, Natalie and Ceri, both management consultant, said they wanted to ensure board games are not dead.

She said: “Arriving home, we played it with friends and family and even got some feedback from board game designers

“The concept, rules and questions were developed adding fun elements to make it even more exciting. In June this year, we’d amassed such great feedback that we decided it was ready to get made, and we were ready to invest our own money in it. So along with working full time jobs in the city, we went about finalising the game to get it manufactured.”

She said: “The development was long and arduous. We spent lots of late nights coming up with unique questions and verifying the answers, with a huge spreadsheet of 1000 questions that we had to whittle down to just under 200 for the final game. We approached different manufacturers across the world to get quotes and to negotiate, and finally settled on a price with a well-regarded board game maker in Germany to manufacture the first batch which arrived in November and sent them out to Amazon.

“When they have sold out, we need to decide what to do next.”

Ceri, 29, is from Wales and they have already had the chance to show it off there by playing a few rounds on the BBC’s Good Morning Wales radio show.

The 28-year-old told us: “Consoles are all very well, but they are not really fully suited to a fun family game around the table where everyone can look and interact with each other.

“That’s why we came up with this, and it is already being warmly welcomes.

“Hundreds have already sold, but we are looking to make this a global brand.”

She said the brainwave happened about a year ago. Natalie said: “We spotted a gap in the board game market and decided to invest our own money to launch a new brand.

“It has been on sale for a few weeks now and we have already sold hundreds of copies.

“It has been getting amazing reviews and feedback from people who have been playing it.

“A bold statement we know, but we really believe it is good enough to be the go-to household trivia game - it’s the perfect family board game.”

Natalie had always dreamed of doing something like this. She said: “It’s not every day a local girl decides to launch her own product to the masses.

“The reception we’ve been getting from people across Bexley, Sidcup and wider Kent has been incredible; everyone wants to know more about how we came up with the ideas.

“It’s also the perfect family Christmas game, so it’s very timely for people looking to have some fun over the festive season.”

What of the game itself. She said it is quick to learn and fun to play.

Everyone plays every question so there’s no waiting around, and it’s really interactive - you can play as individuals and teams and you have special powers in the game to copy or swap other people’s answers!

Natalie said: “The feedback we’ve got has been overwhelmingly positive, and we can’t wait to see where CONFIDENT? goes.

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