We must seek toll alternatives

PUBLISHED: 13:48 27 November 2008 | UPDATED: 15:44 25 August 2010

UNDOUBTEDLY the motorist has been conned and lied to yet again.

UNDOUBTEDLY the motorist has been conned and lied to yet again.

It seems okay for Gordon Brown to remove bridge tolls in Scotland but not this side of the border - I wonder why?

The pledge given over the Dartford tolls was quite clear and concise.

When the tunnel and bridge were paid for the tolls would cease.

Why am I, along with other road users, not surprised that this government have reneged on its promise?

This latest increase brings further discredit to an already discredited government.

If they can find sufficient billions to bail out incompetent banks they can afford to remove these tolls.

There is, I believe, an answer to this iniquitous situation and one which should contribute to removing the tolls.

Put simply, introduce a method of charging, namely road tolls, exclusively on European owned vehicles entering the UK. Either at the port of entry or by adding the toll to the fares which can be then passed on by the ferry companies and Eurotunnel, to the government.

Admittedly this 'toll' would have to be quite large, say in the region of £50+, but bears comparison with the cost of long haul return journey tolls charged in Europe.

This toll could then be put towards UK road maintenance and future road projects, thereby removing the Dartford crossing tolls. No doubt there are other alternatives available.



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