What do you think about the MP’s expenses’ scandal?

PUBLISHED: 16:36 27 May 2009 | UPDATED: 16:45 25 August 2010

ELECTION: Gary Homer thinks it is time for a general election.

ELECTION: Gary Homer thinks it is time for a general election.

JOHN INNEH, 29, from Thamesmead: They should concentrate on bigger issues like the economy.

LIBERAL: Patrick Kinnett says he will put his hopes on the Liberal Democrats or the Green Party.

JOHN INNEH, 29, from Thamesmead: "They should concentrate on bigger issues like the economy. There should an enquiry and transparency but they should concentrate more on the recession. I vote Labour and will stick with them. Both sides are guilty about expenses."

RYAN STEPHENS, 65, from Kent: "I don't want an election there should be a revolution. Bring back Oliver Cromwell. Parliament should be dissolved and started again. An election is not going to stop corruption."

ANGRY: Brian Toy.

SUSAN JENNER, 61, a shop worker from Erith: "They should get rid of the lot of them and start again. I was disgusted. If I had done that I would be in prison. Saying sorry and saying they didn't know what they were doing was wrong - get outta here!

"They think we're stupid. I haven't got a clue who I would vote for now."

LORRAINE BLACKMAN, 53, from Bexley: "I am not sure there should be an election. There always seems to be a scandal. All parties are the same in terms of scandals."

BRIAN TOY, 63, animal ambulance driver, Sidcup: "Yes there should definitely be an election because of all the problems with the politicians. I don't think they need second homes. They should be allowed to stay in hotels. There are too many loop-holes. They should publish all their expenses on their websites. If you have nothing to hide then you are not going to be guilty."

STUDENT Olivia Green, 19, from Sidcup: "I think it is disgusting. They need to clamp down on it. I have no idea who I would vote for. It is not even a little bit here and there. It is hundreds of thousands of pounds. It is not just a little mistake."

SECURITY guard Gary Homer, 20, of Sidcup (left): "There should be an election now as everything needs to be changed."

PATRICK Kinnett, 61, from Sidcup (above): "The Liberal Democrats have come out a bit better than Labour and Conservatives. If MPs aren't sincere the BNP will get in. I would vote Green or Liberal Democrats. I don't see why we can't have a coalition government like at the time of the war. Why be selfish and not have the best of the best?

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