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PUBLISHED: 11:36 11 March 2010 | UPDATED: 17:41 25 August 2010

Retired clerk Margaret Hall, 75, from Bexley I used to be a Conservative voter but not any longer. I don t like the Conservatives that are around at the moment. I don t like David Cameron. He seems a bit of a slimy toad. I don t know who I will vote f

EACH week your Times will be devoting space to a comprehensive look at the political parties chasing your votes during the forthcoming election, writes group editor, Melody Foreman.

We will be covering education, health, crime, culture and environmental issues, not only on a local level, but a national level too and gauging a whole host of opinions from politicians and most importantly - our readers and web audiences - the voters who matter the most.

Over the next few weeks before decision day we will be looking forward to hearing your opinions on all the latest political updates. Your Times will also be out and about on the streets talking to YOU and gleaning views as part of our ongoing poll.

An increase in tax on food? Will it work? What do you think about the government's record on caring for the elderly? Has Tory leader David Cameron convinced you he will do the best for your family?

Does Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg have what it takes to help form a hung parliament?

And if Gordon Brown stays on as Prime Minister will he get the economy back on track as promised?

There're so many questions we know you want to ask your prospective parliamentary candidates, and current MPs hoping to keep their seats.

So why not e-mail us with your ideas and viewpoints and we'll do our best to include your letters and pin down the politicians for answers that count.

You can contact our reporter, Marina Soteriou, on 01474 320749 or e-mail her at

Here are what people on the streets of Bexleyheath told the Times:

Retired clerk Margaret Hall, 75, from Bexley

"I used to be a Conservative voter but not any longer. I don't like the Conservatives that are around at the moment. I don't like David Cameron.

"He seems a bit of a slimy toad. I don't know who I will vote for."

Nursing lecturer Terry Ferns, 43, from Erith

"I will vote Labour because I grew up with Thatcher's disgraceful government. What she did to the miners was barbarous. It was like the government against their own people.

"I will never vote for the Conservatives because their ideology is not congruent with a fair society.

"They believe if you are successful well done, but if you're not tough."

Technician Ron Calcutt, 63, from Bexleyheath

"I will vote Tory because I have had enough of politicians with their draconian laws which have impacted on my life such as the smoking ban.

"I have faith in Cameron. He has fresh ideas and he has the young enthusiasm to carry them through."

Mother-of-four Amanda Packman, 41, from Welling

"I used to vote Labour but they have disappointed me, so I don't know who I am going to vote for. They never sort anything out.

"I lost my house last year and they didn't give us enough notice. I am struggling to live now."

Retired Juan Lopez, 67, from Bexleyheath

"We do need a change. We have had Labour too long but the Conservatives are not up to scratch.

"Labour stands for no cuts. The Conservatives want to cut services here and there. I am a Labour voter but not sure if because if I was to vote Liberal that might benefit the Conservatives and I want to keep them out."

Retired George Hart, 71, from Bexley

"I shall be voting Conservative because I am fed up with this lot.

"I am sure the Conservatives are ready for government. I have faith in David Cameron and George Osborne."

First-time voter Lucy Mapluka, 19, a healthcare assistant, from Bexleyheath

"I am undecided but I will most probably vote for Labour.

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