PUBLISHED: 11:33 17 April 2008 | UPDATED: 14:38 25 August 2010

On May 1, London residents have the chance to vote in a London Assembly member to represent their constituencies. Members act as a watchdog for London and among other things, hold the London Mayor to account.

On May 1, London residents have the chance to vote in a London Assembly member to represent their constituencies. Members act as a watchdog for London and among other things, hold the London Mayor to account.


Chris Flood



All the establishment parties - New Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats too - support the Tory 'free market system', which puts the profits of the super-rich ahead of the interests of working people.

"The Socialist Party is different. We fight today against the privatisation of public services, for better pay, decent pensions, free education, and radical measures to save the environment, and against the war for 'big oil' interests in Iraq. But we also fight for fundamental socialist change - to bring the big corporations which dominate the economy into democratic public ownership - to allow the building of a different society, run by all to meet the needs of all, rather than the profits of the few.

Len Duvall

Labour Party

At City Hall, I have supported Ken Livingstone's budgets to get dedicated neighbourhood police teams for Greenwich & Lewisham and increased investment in public transport for south-east London. I will campaign for a better and healthier environment, for action on climate change and to improve transport. If you elect me I will continue to be the strong voice at City Hall that Greenwich & Lewisham needs.

Labour is taking the tough long-term decisions to meet the future challenges that affect Londoners.

That's why I'm urging people to vote for Ken Livingstone and Labour. And because the result will be close every vote will count.

Jennifer Jones

Left List

I'm a 21-year-old anti-war activist, with a background in anti-racism work and LGBT rights campaigning. I've just finished my degree at Goldsmiths University.

I'm standing for the Left List because I feel it's the only political party that wants to stand up for the rights of ordinary working class people in the GLA election. What the Left List stands for: Prioritise Hospitals - no cuts to Lewisham Accident & Emergency, maternity and children's units; better housing - no more sell offs in Lewisham - invest in decent council housing; Schools - good local authority comprehensive schools for all; transport - renationalise the East London line; Libraries - no cuts in staff or services; Post Offices - stop the closure of the eight Post offices in Greenwich & Lewisham.

Stephen Hammond

Christian Peoples

Alliance and

Christian Party

Here are the main points that I am standing on in this election:

a) Back families and marriage - every couple marrying in London will get a grant of £1,000.

b) End the culture of youth violence - support fathers as role-models for their sons. Extend Street Pastors scheme.

c) More Affordable Homes - Build 50,000 more affordable homes in London over the next three years and provide deposit loans.

d) Reject the Olympics Mega Mosque - Support integration by opposing separatist plans outlined by extremist Tabliqi Jamaat sect to build a 12,000 capacity mega-mosque in West Ham.

e) Tackle inequality with more jobs - Support the London Living Wage of £7.20 per hour and tackle unemployment through a £500 million London Regeneration Fund for new jobs.

Johanna Munilla

(also listed as

Joanna Lumley)

English Democrats

If you are born here or are living here a specific amount of time you are considered English citizen. Englishness is a matter of rights not a matter of race in a multicultural community.

If I am elected I want to bring the real meaning of the Saint George flag, a flag to unite not to divide communities. To be used as a Christian and Islamic symbol with respect between the communities. I want to put the English flag in all the public buildings and to promote her real meaning to unite not to divide.

We want to bring the choice of the politics of hope between the politics of hate. Your vote counts to educate the new generations about the future of our nation. The power of bad politicians grows bigger when there is not opposition.

If I am elected in the GLA I will promote in the media and in posters a campaign for an English Parliament, it looks that every body reacts better by spending a lot of money not in a simple newsletter but in a big billposter.

Andy Jennings

Conservative Party

I will:

*Protect the Freedom Pass and extend its validity to 24 hours a day

*Push South Eastern Trains for more frequent and reliable services

*Take away the free travel privilege of antisocial youngsters on our buses

*Encourage greater use of the river as transport to Central London

*Lobby for zonal fare boundaries to be redrawn in south-east London

*Oppose any plans for congestion charges in Greenwich or elsewhere

*Reopen the early morning Blackwall Tunnel northbound contra flow

*Press for more dedicated cycle routes and secure stands for parking

*Support plans to remove unwanted and unnecessary speed humps

*Allow motor cyclists to use bus lanes to alleviate congestion

*Fight for more police officers out on the beat than at the station

*Campaign for more affordable family homes rather than one and two bed flats

*Continue to oppose the latest round of Post Office closure plans

*Plant a thousand new trees and protect and preserve our green spaces

*Deliver best value for taxpayers resulting in a lower Council Tax for all.

Sue Luxton

Green Party

On May 1st Londoners have the chance to vote for a greener, more affordable, more secure London.

Our key policies include:

l Free insulation available to everyone.

l A living wage of at least £7.20 for the poorest paid.

l More affordable housing - 60 per cent of all new homes.

l 20p off all bus and off-peak tube fares.

l Cheap loans for renewable energy generation.

l A bigger say for small business - 50 per cent of space in new developments to be small units at affordable rents.

l No airport expansion.

l Tube and rail services in London brought back into public control.

l Public transport and bikes before new roads.

Cllr Brian Robson



Our boroughs deserve better when it comes to fighting crime, improving transport and providing much-needed housing.

I want to see crime cut in Greenwich and Lewisham.

I want to see transport improvements delivered - not the litany of delays and downgrades we've suffered. I'll stand up against any plans to close the Blackwall Tunnel during the Olympics.

We need more affordable housing. Using spare public land is one way to deliver this, and I want to see affordable housing given priority.

Tess Culnane

National Front

The aim of the National Front's candidates, if elected, is to abolish the GLA.

When did London or Londoners ever need a Mayor of London? We have a Lord Mayor of London and each borough has its own mayor. These things have worked well for a very long time so by any stretch of the imagination has any true Londoner benefited by the creation of a London Mayor's office.

The real issues are CRIME - now out of control; The NHS under immense pressure; Bullying in our schools; Dirty hospitals; Unfair allocation of houses; Fear in the community instead of care in the community. Time is running out consider this when you cast your vote.


James Cleverly

Conservative Party

Crime: We will get more police on the beat, at local stations and on buses by cutting paperwork and bureaucracy. Stop the rise in youth antisocial behaviour by confiscating the free bus passes from the minority of under 18s who abuse the privilege and teach responsibility by letting them earn them back through community service.

Transport: We will protect and expand the Freedom Pass. I will ensure that the Congestion Charge doesn’t come to either Bexley or Bromley. As well as better local bus services, I will push for Crossrail to go via Bexley to Ebbsfleet and the DLR to come to Bromley.

The environment: I will protect Greenfield land, stop garden grabs, ensure affordable housing is well designed and include family homes. I will look at ways to help small business, create more local jobs and reduce the needs to commute. Support Bexley and Bromley’s excellent records of recycling

London’s governance: We need proper financial accountability at City Hall to cut waste and prevent financial mismanagement. I will fight for a better deal for local tax payers, give power back to locally elected councils and get value for money from the Olympics. Continue to oppose NHS service cuts.

David Davis

Left List

The Left List's Dave Davis is proud to be the oldest candidate running in the GLA elections. He has a wealth of campaigning experience and has fought for numerous social issues like protecting council housing and fighting against racism. Dave served in the Navy during WWII and is proud to attend Remembrance Day services each year, and at the same time he is an active peace campaigner against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a resident of Bexley and Bromley and someone who himself lives under the local housing authority Dave Davis passionately supports the Left List's call for an emergency program of council house building. And of course when it comes to protecting the rights of pensioners, Dave is on the front line in calling for increased pensions and is uncompromising on the issue of keeping the NHS public and stopping hospital closures.

Dave is urging local people to vote Lindsey German for London Mayor because he wants a Mayor who is in touch with the working people of London and is proud of Lindsey's commitment to only take a London living wage if elected, rather than the £130,000 that the Mayor is currently paid.

Ann Garrett

Green Party

The most important issue for Ann Garrett, who has lived in Bromley since 1969, is climate change.

She said: "Everything we do, should aim at reducing its impact.

"There are many issues locally in Bromley and Bexley which will have a great effect on people's lives, and I just want to make sure decisions taken at the level of the GL A will genuinely reflect a Climate sustainable, healthy future for everyone who lives in the area."

Ms Garrett, who supports groups such as Friends of the Earth, CND and Amnesty International, opposes any housing on the Crystal Palace site and resists the expansion of Biggin Hill Airport.

She also is keeping an eye on developments of the Bromley Town Centre plans and is in favour of preserving the Green Belt.

She added: "Climate science tells us it is as important to have green spaces and natural wooded areas, we want to preserve the Green Belt for the benefit of all Londoners."

In Bexley, Ms Garrett and the Greens will be keeping a close eye on the Thames Gateway Bridge and Belvedere incinerator proposals and any plan for further development on Southmere Green.

She said: "There are better mechanisms to put into place other than burning waste - we need to concentrate on a less-wasteful society and getting our recycling strategies right."

John Hemming-Clark

Independents to Save Queen Mary's Hospital

I will:

1. Prevent the reduction in and closing of hospital services.

- Refer any closures to the Health Secretary; mount a legal challenge against a flawed consultation process.

- Use planning laws to prevent attempts to sell off hospital sites.

- Stop the ongoing systematic deconstruction of the NHS.

2. Rebuild first-rate services for local people, including the local health provision.

- Keep our four hospitals as major admitting hospitals, striving for excellence whilst removing the meaningless targets for treating patients.

- Free doctors from the stupefying shackles of bureaucracy.

- Make NHS dentists available for all.

3. Build a more democratic, accountable and representative government.

- Continue to live in the constituency; make this a requirement of all


- Act on the local concerns of the electorate and not in putting the policies of national parties before all else.

- Implement a democratic and accountable Olympics' financing.

- Stop any attempts to extend the congestion charge to Bexley and Bromley.

4. Reduce the excessive burden of national and local taxation in all its forms.

- Freeze the GLA precept for four years.

- Freeze the allowances and expenses of GLA members.

-Peg GLA executive pay increases to that of local authority employees generally.

Mick Greenhough

UK Independence


Mick is a Eur. Ing. Chartered Mechanical Engineer with an HSE part 1 diver's certificate. Starting as an apprentice on the Harrier jump jet he then worked on advanced hydraulics and pneumatics on a supersonic Harrier. This led to pneumatic well head and oilfield control systems and an underwater engineering career that took him all over the world. He's currently working on renewable tidal energy systems. He is married with one son and two grandchildren.

His interest in politics began with the bizarre rules and regulations that began to be imposed 'from out of the blue' on work sites. Though disguised as from our government to his amazement they all stemmed from Brussels.

The deeper I dug into this the more it became clear that our democratic processes were being bypassed or surrendered. London is now de facto a Region of Europe and the Mayor a Gauleiter of the Council of the Regions in Brussels. The Mayor's allegiance is to Brussels, not our parliament.

I fully support the UKIP mayoral candidate Gerard Batten.

If elected I will work to reclaim the democratic rights of Londoners that have been quietly handed over the Brussels and also keep Londoners fully informed.

Miranda Suit

Christian Peoples Alliance

and Christian Party

Miranda was born and raised in Sidcup and Chislehurst. Her concern for the community and the serious practical problems it is facing has led her to work with the homeless in the West End and volunteer as a street pastor in Bromley. She also believes in tackling some of the causes of these problems and in 2000 co-founded MediaMarch, a peaceful protest group seeking stronger obscenity laws and restoration of basic decency to all media. Her campaigning is based on research linking violent entertainment and pornography with violent and sexual crime, and inspired by her Christian faith. She is particularly concerned about people who become addicted to harmful media material, especially children.

She said: "CPA's policies have the most chance of combating two problems I especially care about - teen crime and homelessness.

"Teen crime can only be reduced if families are strengthened, so CPA will ensure that London's budget will be used to support family-friendly policies, e.g. every resident couple marrying in London will get a grant of £1,000 towards the costs of setting-up home.

"I know that in addition we must not forget the influence of the media: it needs much stronger regulation so that our young people are not constantly conditioned by violent films, video games and lyrics; pornography must be outlawed so that it cannot undermine marriage and the dignity of women and encourage sex crime. All schools should teach Christian values."

Tom Papworth

Liberal Democrats

As a local councillor, I have a record of action fighting for a better deal for local people.

I have led the campaign to save local services from Labour's cuts. In March I was joined by Brian Paddick and Lib Dems from all across London in a march to save Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup. I have campaigned to stop the closure of local post offices, collecting 500 signatures in one morning in Beckenham, and proposing a motion to Bromley council (which was unanimously accepted) to save our local post offices.

Neither the Tory nor the Labour candidates live in Bexley or Bromley. Labour came fourth in the last election in 2004: their candidate is a councillor in Bow. The current Tory assembly member stood for parliament just two years after his election. Policing is our top priority: Liberal Democrats have opposed the closure of police stations in Penge and at Beckenham. We also support better transport, more social housing and a cleaner environment.

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